Hey there! I'm Kaela Beach-Brooks. I love Dr. Pepper straight from the fountain, handwritten love notes, and every single true crime podcast.

Some of my favorite things include my human child, planning anything and everything, and eating my way through Disneyland. I'm a Certified Life and Goal Success coach and time management is my jam.

My journey to organization and time management began when my husband died in 2013. I realized how much time had been wasted worrying and focusing on things that were not important and I vowed to not make the same mistake with our son.

I love organizing my time in a way so I can do what I love most: hanging with my people (and cats) and spending as much time as humanly possible reminding my parents that I'm their least favorite child.

I'd love to help you maximize your time, get clarity on your goals, and help you realize that you and your time are precious.